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3 Kinds of KPOP Fans

3Kinds of KPOP fans
by: KPOP Your Life
First: The “Fake” or shall we say “Jeje” fans.

Here in the Philippines, Fake KPOP fans are called ‘Jeje’ fans.  The word ‘Jeje’ means someone who is  a ‘wannabe’ like for example those people who act like they’re KPOP fans but actually they’re not. They’re like a KPOPfan wannabes . Some act like they’re into KPOP to gain popularity or to seek attention. So here in PH we termed it as ‘Jeje’ fans.
Some Facts:
-They tend to interchange the names of the members of some certain group.
- They say they know about KPOP but heck, when you ask a simple question THEY CANT EVEN ANSWERR!
-Saying they have KPOP Merch but when you ask them to show it they’ll be having an excuse.
-They compare kpop groups to each other

Second: The “Normal”Fans or shall we say those ‘KPOPers’

This Fans are THE BESSST! They have self-control. They know what they’re doing and they know how to balance their KPOP life to their Daily lives. They may not be rich and they don’t ACT RICH! they know facts about KPOP or some certain group. They accept their mistakes and accept others’ ideas. They tell the truth about what they have and doesn’t act they know everything!
Some Facts:
-They scream to their bias but doesn’t scream that much.
-They can’t afford VIP Tickets or some may not even afford The non- VIP Tickets.
-They appreciate other kpop groups and doesn’t bash them.
-They do not boast what they have and what they know.
-they share their knowledge about kpop.

-They speak mixed language. (little Korean and their own dialect)


OMMOOO yahhh! This fans are the scariest! It is said that this fans are sick. They have this I dunno disorder in their brain and that KPOP is invading their brain! They don’t know how to control their kpop fantasies to their daily lives. They want their bias for THEMSELVES ONLY! They’re dying to have them PHYSICALLY,SEXUALLY AND VERBALLY FOR LIFE! They’ll do Anything even killing themselves just to be with their bias! They want to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF THEIR BIAS! (even the number of pubic hairs they have and the type of poop they have!) this level isn’t good bec our biases also have PERSONAL LIFE! So to all my fellow KPOP fans out there be careful!

Some Facts:
-They always have VIP Tickets
-Even to the ends of the Earth they follow their bias
-According to research, some of them have fansites!
-Thank God only 5% of the fans are like this
-They want to have that “Attention” in KPOP world
-They want to be the star of KPOPfans world.

SO? What type of fan are you? 

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